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Ending Fast Furniture Waste and Increasing Sustainability

Written by: Marissa Goodman


Sustainability is essential in our society today for various reasons. It is now known that cheap, fast furniture (much like fast fashion) is unreliable and has become part of a forgotten waste stream, leading many environmentally conscious consumers to believe it should be eliminated completely.

To ensure competitive pricing, many companies have preferred products from countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia, that are lacking in green and labour laws, rather than sourcing unique pieces that have been produced conscientiously and sustainably. Moreover, the lower price point of these mass-produced items has facilitated in the increase in furniture waste. For one third of people, it is often too problematic to sell, replace or repair this furniture than the more pricey, durable alternatives available.

So, the real question is, how can we put an end to fast furniture waste in our everyday lives?

The team at Broxle have been searching the planet for genuine artisans who are committed to creating gorgeous products that are sustainably focused and have a clean human rights record.

Made from Indian timber obtained through the UK Timber Regulation for Responsible Forestry. We’re committed to only using wood that comes from legal and responsibly managed forests. Meaning, mango wood that we can trace back to forest of origin. Either the timber is used for commercial plantations, or at the end of its life cycle. 


We ensure all of our sustainable Artisan Furniture complies fully with the UK’s Waste Packaging Regulations.

This decision was made with the understanding that more of us are preferring to purchase fewer products at a higher price from eco-friendly, sustainable stores, as it will save us money in the long run because we do not need to throw away pieces and re-purchase new ones.


One of the brands we are most excited to have partnered with is Artisan Furniture, who have been consistent with their green manufacturing processes from the beginning, and supported artisans rather than opting for mass produced furniture leading to their feature in Forbes Magazine.


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