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Your Guide to Celebrating National Home Improvement Month with Broxle

Written by: Marissa Goodman


April is a beacon of rejuvenation and renewal, perfectly embodied by National Home Improvement Month. This time encourages us all to reflect, reevaluate, and revitalise our living spaces. At Broxle, where luxury living and innovative design converge, we're excited to guide and inspire you through Home Improvement Month, championing our ethos, "Live In Beauty"—a lifestyle we eagerly share with you.

Minor Updates, Major Transformations

Home Improvement Month is the ideal opportunity to make even the smallest changes to your space, which can have a significant impact. Consider the power of statement pieces—an artfully crafted vase or a bespoke lampshade. These items aren't just additions to your decor; they elevate it, making them perfect Home Improvement Month projects that embody Broxle's commitment to beauty and quality.

Your Guide to Celebrating National Home Improvement Month with Broxle

A statement piece, thoughtfully selected, doesn't just fill a space; it defines it. For Home Improvement Month, consider incorporating items that tell a story or evoke emotion. An artfully crafted vase can become the centrepiece of a room, drawing the eye and sparking conversation. Similarly, a bespoke floor lamp or wall sconce isn't merely a source of light but a highlight of your room's aesthetic, offering a warm, inviting glow that enhances the mood of any space.

These pieces are perfect projects for Home Improvement Month because they embody Broxle's commitment to beauty, quality, and personal expression. They stand as testament to the idea that home improvement isn't always about grand renovations but about making mindful choices that elevate your living environment.

The Colour of Change

In celebration of Home Improvement Month, invigorate your home with a fresh burst of colour from Broxle's diverse collections. Our array of offerings is inspired by the latest trends and a spectrum of timeless elegance. During Home Improvement Month, why not consider introducing serene blues into your home? Imagine the calmness of the ocean or the vastness of the sky right in your living space. Serene blues are more than just a colour choice; they're a lifestyle decision that promotes peace and tranquillity.

Your Guide to Celebrating National Home Improvement Month with Broxle

For those drawn to a more grounded aesthetic, rich, earthy neutrals offer a connection to the natural world. These colours bring warmth and depth to any room, creating inviting spaces that welcome you and your guests with open arms. From the subtle elegance of taupe to the robust depth of umber, earthy neutrals are versatile and timeless. They serve as the perfect backdrop for your Home Improvement Month projects, allowing you to layer textures and colours for a sophisticated yet cosy atmosphere. We invite you to explore our selection , featuring everything from serene blues that calm the mind to rich, earthy neutrals that ground the soul.

Each piece in our collection is designed to bring out the best in your living space, helping you transform it into a haven of beauty and peace. Let Broxle inspire your Home Improvement Month endeavours and guide you towards the perfect expression of your personal style.

From Function to Harmony

As we celebrate Home Improvement Month, it's the perfect opportunity to not just revamp our spaces but to infuse them with balance, harmony, and a positive flow of energy. Broxle's dedication to transforming homes into sanctuaries of peace and beauty is at the forefront of our mission this month. Our ”Creating a Harmonious Haven” guide is your key to unlocking the ancient art of feng shui, making it accessible and relevant for today's homeowners. 

Your Guide to Celebrating National Home Improvement Month with Broxle

Embracing minimalism can be a transformative step towards achieving harmony in your home. This doesn’t necessarily mean parting with all your possessions but rather curating them thoughtfully. Who better to draw inspiration from than Marie Kondo, the tidying expert who introduced the world to the KonMari method? Marie says the key is to pick up each object one at a time, and ask yourself quietly, “Does this spark joy?” By selecting items that bring you joy and utility, you create a clutter-free environment where you can relax and find peace.

Your Guide to Celebrating National Home Improvement Month with Broxle

Maximising natural light and integrating plant life are keys to a harmonious home. The gentle presence of sunlight and greenery can elevate your mood, purify the air, and connect you with the natural world right from the comfort of your living room.

Incorporate soft textures and calming colours into your decor to enhance the sense of harmony. Soft furnishings in soothing shades can create a cosy atmosphere that invites relaxation and contemplation, perfect for unwinding after a busy day.

To enrich your journey further, websites like Architectural Digest offer expansive galleries and articles on creating balanced, beautiful spaces. Their insights into harmonious design can serve as a wonderful complement to your Home Improvement Month projects.

Make One Change

Embracing the spirit of Home Improvement Month also means joining the #makeonechange movement—a challenge encouraging each of us to make one change in our homes that could significantly enhance our daily lives. Whether it's introducing energy-efficient curtains for a better night's sleep, installing windows that invite more natural light, or adding clever storage solutions to declutter your space, these seemingly small adjustments can dramatically uplift your home's ambiance and functionality. For more inspiration and ideas on how to make one change that matters, visit the official Home Improvement Month campaign.

Join the Family

This Home Improvement Month, we're not just transforming spaces; we're enhancing lives. Immerse yourself in the experience by sharing your Home Improvement Month transformation stories with us on social media using #BroxleBeauty. Step into the life you envision by becoming a member today, and be embraced by a world where beauty and refinement come together. As a treasured member of the Broxle family, you'll enjoy privileged access to our meticulously assembled collections.

Elevate your home with pieces that speak to the art of living well, and benefit from exclusive member rates designed to honour your commitment to elegance and design. Begin an exquisite partnership passionate about creating beautiful, meaningful living spaces, and let Home Improvement Month be the start of your journey to " Live In Beauty. "

Your Guide to Celebrating National Home Improvement Month with Broxle


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