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5 Ways to Design Your Home for a Fresh Easter Feeling in 2023

Written by: Marissa Goodman


Freshen Up Your Home for Easter with These 5 Easy Design Tips

Easter is not only a time to celebrate but also an occasion to rejuvenate yourself and your home for new beginnings. Easter, the mark of winter's end, is a fabulous opportunity to spruce up your home with a fresh new look for welcoming blooming spring. 

So, the time has come to blow away the spider webs, freshen your living space, and brighten up your home. In this blog, I've offered some valuable and easy interior decor ideas that will give your place a sense of reviving Easter and create a fresh look for your home.

1. Lighten Up your Home with Sky Blue and Earth Green

Broxle Easter Dinging Room Design
Broxle Easter Living Room Design

So again, Easter is so close, and you don't have time to think about where to start and what to do to bring a new fresh feeling to your home. Don't panic! Here are the top 5 must-try design ideas that make your place perfect for a welcoming spring.

Light and bright colours such as sky blue and earth green evoke renewal and hope. So, adding sky blue and earth green furniture can bring a revitalizing vibe to your place. For instance, you can use sky-blue side tables with earth-green velvet chairs to brighten up your home. Moreover, sky blue and earth green decor, such as vases, curtains, candles, rugs, and picture frames, can add a subtle touch of serenity to your home.

2. Bring Natural and Airy Lighting to Your Home

Lighting is another essential aspect of creating a fresh look for Easter. Remember your rooms should meet the levels of being airy and brightly lit so can you and your loved ones feel hopeful and uplifted. First, replace heavy drapes with sheer curtains to let the fresh air and natural light come in.

The type of lighting you use for easter home decor can significantly enhance the holiday atmosphere. Installing gorgeous hanging chandeliers such as the Vintage Crystal Ball Chandelier or a pendant light such as Modern Diamond Pendant will create a balanced and inviting ambience.

Broxle Dalius Pendant Light
Dalius Pendant Light

3. Elevate Your Home Cosiness With Natural Materials

By incorporating artisan wooden furniture, you can bring the spirit of Easter and nature-inspired freshness into your home decor. Furniture crafted from natural materials – oak and chestnut - adds warmth and texture to your space, providing a cosy environment. Add an artisan wooden coffee table made of curved oak in the living room. 

A set of esthetic dining chairs would work perfectly in the dining room. In addition, you should put some beautifully painted eggshells into an Easter basket and place it on the artisan coffee table to make it a stunning centrepiece of your room.

Broxle Easter Living Room Design Cosy Textiles

4. Soften the Space with Comforting Textiles

When adding a comfortable feel to your living place at Easter, buying some soft and luxurious textiles is best. Pure Cotton Sateen bedding set will help you enhance tranquillity and lightness in the space around you. 

Textiles will play a meaningful role in levelling up your Easter home adornments. Whether a wool throw blanket or unique knot cushions, they will make a significant difference in your home.

Broxle Easter Bedroom Design Bunny Rabbit

5. Embrace the Easter Spirit with Decorations

Last but not least, use Easter-themed decorations. Small touches of blush pink and baby blue in bunny figurines and floral arrangements are enough to inspire your family and guests. Handwritten Easter quotes and handcrafted wooden signs are creative choices to add a personal touch to your decor. 

Broxle Easter Dining Room Design

You can achieve elegant yet modern easter decor by adding natural materials to your space and encouraging an inviting panorama. For this purpose, place a chic vase with fresh flowers (such as lilies, tulips, and daffodils) to create a centrepiece or a bouquet for your Easter table. 

Likewise, wooden decorations like a carved wooden bunny or coffee tables can add a rustic and natural touch to your easter home decor. You can also use wooden candle holders or coasters to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Broxle Easter Dining Room Design
Fred Cox Fine Art Broxle Easter Design

Adding Easter-themed artwork to your home is a unique way to freshen up your living space. For Easter decorations 2023, you can choose a painting that features the beauty of spring, such as images of blooming flowers or baby animals. Try to select pieces with fascinating, vibrant colours complimenting the theme of your space.

Now, you're genuinely ready for Easter!

All in all, Easter is more than a holiday. It's a beautiful occasion that brings people's hearts together for the upcoming spring season. At this lovely event, your home needs to look refreshed and renewed to give a conformable feel to your family and your guests. You can achieve a bright, cosy, natural, and inviting atmosphere by incorporating sustainable furniture, choosing an appropriate colour scheme, and adding luxury yet comforting textiles to your home.

Broxle Easter Living Room Design

Are you looking for interiors from high-end, bespoke, and select sustainably-focused designers? At Broxle, we offer gorgeous, unique interiors that make your space better than you imagined. Shop our collections today to create a space you love. Happy Easter, and happy designing!

Broxle Easter Living Room Design


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